How to cut little boy hair with clippers & scissors | Little boy haircut tutorial

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hello everyone and welcome to my channel

hello so this is my son Liam we're gonna

be cutting here today because as you

guys can see is a very very um to have

some camera it's um really puffy right

now I have another video in our channel

on my channel that I cut his hair and

I'll show you guys how I used to cut it

with just the scissors but we decided to

do another video because we don't cut

his hair like that anymore we actually

give him a big boy haircut we use the

Clippers and then we use this which

other top if you want to watch my other

video or how I cut his hair and what the

sisters I'm gonna been linking it up up

there so you guys can go ahead and watch


Jennifer's gonna be cutting his hair at

the bottom with the Clippers because I

don't know how to do them he knows how

to do that and then I'm gonna be cutting

the time damn is four years old and it's

it's hard for them to I stay focused

instead of seated for a long time so you

know we're gonna show you guys like

basically what we do to keep them

entertained which is simple we just give

him the iPad of course if he has the

iPad he's looking down so we gotta kind

of like work our way around how he is

pleased um you know mr. kids not to be

perfect but we do the best we can so

yeah without me whether I do let's cut

your hair okay so of course the person I

would do is to give him the iPass we

could be entertained and this is the

clip where that Geoffrey will be using

he's gotta be starting off with the

guard leopard number three and he's just

going to go over the side the lower back

and not going over at the crown area

and as you guys can see he is using a

comb to push down the hair this is not

help with the blending then he's going

to be moving to garden number two and

he's only gonna be doing at the bottom

area like the nape area

then he's also going to do a little bit

of the side with number two and also

using the comb for the blending

and then he's going to be moving to

guard number one and he's going to be

doing the same thing just doing the

bottom part the nape area


you're gonna start seeing those harsh

lines but it's okay because he's going

to start with the blending later on so

now he's going to be used in guard level

one but he's gonna be pushing that to

the bottom so it's like a 1 and a half

and you're going to start this is where

you start blending so this is you're

gonna be going over with a 1 and a half

you're gonna go over the harsh line with

that so you can cut start to fade then

he's going to switch to guard number 3

and bring the little stick down so it

could be three and a half and he's gonna

be going over at that horse - well with

the comb to blend that harsh line

and you're just gonna keep going and

over and over and over it until you feel

like it's nicely blended and you doing

this all around the head then he's gonna

switch to card number two two and a half

a skin again he's going to be putting a

little stick down so it could be two and

a half and he's just gonna go over the

harsh lines basically for it's for some

more blending so once everything is

nicely blended here's where I come in

the first thing I do is what he's here

you want to make sure that he's here is

evenly wet then I brush his hair to the


and the first thing I'm gonna do I'm

gonna create my guide I'm gonna take

some of the the back here basically with

Jeffrey kind of cut with the Clippers

I'm gonna grab some of that hair and

then I'm gonna grab some of the top here

which Jeffrey has not cut at all and I'm

gonna push it back and that's gonna go

ahead and clean my guide I'm going to

pull the hair back and cut but I'm not

cutting the section I wrap from what

Jeffrey cut with the Clippers I'm using

that as my guide I'm only cutting the

top section the longer section okay so

once my god is made I'm going to use

that to cut the rest of the hair but I'm

not going to pull the hair back anymore

I'm going to be pushing it upwards okay

so every new section of hair I grab I'm

going to also make sure that I have

something here that is previously cut

already to use that as my guide so I

already know where I'm going to cut

because I'm going to grab a piece from

the back area to cut the new section if

that makes any sense

and I'm going to be doing that step all

the way till I get to the front okay so

now I'm going to blend the top with the

sign area so what I'm going to do is

take some of the sign here with the top

hair that I just cut and I'm going to be

pulling it a little bit tilt it to the

side and then I'm going to cut anything

that is in between so basically kind of

to blend that the side with the top of

that makes any sense as you guys see me

doing here in the video and I'm going to

do that around the head so basically

everything I just cut the edges of

everything that I just cut so then to

blend the front what I'm going to do is

brush his hair to the front and want to

cut his hair in an angle

and then I'm going to blow dry his hair

because I'm going to be using at the

blending sisters and you need your hair

to be completely dried to do that not

going to use the blending scissors and

this is going to help blend his hair and

for his hair not to look so bulky and

the last step is lining him up

Jeff is actually the one that does that

we didn't have a lot of good clips for

this because this is actually Liam's and

least favorite part of the haircut and

this is the final result later