How to Cut Up a Whole Chicken | Melissa Clark Recipes | The New York Times

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hi I'm Alyssa Clark from the dining

section and I am gonna cut up a chicken

so you might be thinking why is she

bothering to cut up a chicken you can

buy a cut-up chicken in the supermarket

well because when you buy a cut-up

chicken first of all it's more expensive

than buying a whole chicken and secondly

you don't get the backbone and if you

don't have the backbone then you can't

make stock so by cutting up your own

chicken you save money and you get the

bonus pot of stock first thing to do is

to remove the legs you find this space

that connects the thigh to the breast

over here and you make a little slit

with your knife once you've made a slit

you can kind of see what's going on in

there and I'm going to pull this leg and

I'm gonna pop the bone out so once you

have exposed that bone you can see the