How to Cut Plexiglass Without Chipping

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when I make picture frames I like to use

ordinary sheet acrylic or polycarbonate

that you can find at the Home Center for

the glass it's pretty affordable and you

can cut it to any size you need at the

table saw but there's a couple of

challenges to doing that for one this

thin material will want to flutter next

to the blade when you cut it and that

can be a safety hazard and often times

the blade will chip out the corner at

the back of the cut where the material

is the weakest well here's a simple and

safe method that I use for cutting

Plexiglas at the table saw to keep these

problems from happening for this job I

use a crosscut sled to give the

plexiglass as much support as I can and

help keep from scratching it as I push

it across the saw table I clamp a stop