How to Cut Drywall EFFICIENTLY!

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hello and welcome to Vancouver carpenter

today I'm gonna teach you guys how I do

that fancy slide cutting trick that you

see all the drywallers do that is if you

ever see drywallers anywhere I'm also

going to show you a couple other little

tips to efficiently cut drywall well the

first thing you're gonna need is a tape

measure and a knife but what I do here

is I put it on the inside right here and

I make sure that its resting nice and

flat on there if you can see that and I

pinch it between these two fingers and

so the next trick is making sure that

I'm always pulling out this hand however

is obviously pinching the tape measure

where I want it to go but what I mean is

I've always got it under tension and

that's what helps keep it locked in the

same position instead of wavering like

this so you put outward pressure to hold