How To Cut Glass Tile

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welcome to this glass tile cutting video

today I'm going to show you the easiest

way to cut glass tiles

the question about how to cut glass

tiles comes up because glass tiles have

a tendency to shatter more easily than

ceramic or stone tiles but you can

easily cut glass tiles using a carbide

blade on a bar tile cutter this is a two

bar tile cutter with a carbide blade on

it you can rent or buy one of these

cutters from your local home or

equipment rental store it has a carbide

wheel that rolls on and scores the top

of your glass tile

to cut a tile you set the

up against the guide and align the

cutting wheel with your cut mark on the

tile set the carbide wheel on the

starting edge of the tile where you want

to make the cut push down on the handle

hard enough to allow the carbide wheel

to score the top of the tile and roll it

from edge to edge across the tile now

lift the handle up and move the cutter

so that the pressure foot hanging down

to the rear of the cutter head can rest

flat on top of the tile push down on the

handle again and the tile should break

cleanly down the score line this type of

cut can leave minimal chipping on the

surface of the tile if there are small

bumps of glass that you need to remove

you can use a rubbing stone to soften

the edge mosaic glass tiles are cut in

the same way as individual tiles

you set the sheet of tiles on your

cutter and line it up where you want the

cut and then push the blade into the

surface of the tile and roll it across

each of the tiles you will need to hold

onto the first tile to keep all the

tiles from trying to move with the blade

after scoring each of the tiles you will

use the pressure foot to break each of

the individual cut tiles on the score


now flip the tile over and use a utility

knife to cut the backing material so

that the tiles are fully separated

continue learning about tile projects by

clicking on one of these videos thanks

for watching