What’s the MOST Amount of Fat You Can Lose in a Week? (And How To Do It)

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when it comes to fat loss and even

achieving a 6-pack most of us want

results as fast as possible

in our eyes the faster we can burn off

our excess fat the better right well not

really because what most people don't

realize is there's actually an upper

limit as to how much fat you can lose

every week and if you try to push past

this weekly limit by doing more cardio

or eating even less for example then

you'll now start to lose substantially

more muscle instead of fat do this for

months on end which many people

unfortunately do and you'll eventually

end up with a skinny fat physique with

too little muscle and still too much fat

so now the real question becomes what's

the most amount of fat you can lose per

week while minimizing muscle loss in the

process as this is going to better