How to Cut Lexan Polycarbonate Sheet

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I recently needed to cut a small piece

of point zero nine three-inch that's

three thirty-seconds of an inch thick

piece of lexan for a DIY cat door

don't confuse lexan that's the brand

name for polycarbonate with acrylic

Plexiglas lexan is over 200 times

stronger than glass and acrylic

Plexiglas is only four to eight times

stronger than glass this is a piece of

polycarbonate roofing material

it's about 1/32 of an inch thick it's

easy to cut through this thickness with

a pair of aviation shears for a longer

cut the material starts to get in the

way it becomes more difficult it's more

difficult to cut through the 332nd inch


for comparison purposes here's the 132nd

thick inch piece and the 332nd inch

piece of lexan I'll use a dremel tool