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today we're cutting feeling that Diablo

steel diamond circular saw blade let's

get to review using started roll the



hey what's up guys today I'm very

excited to show you this new Diablo

steel demon 7 quarter inch steel cutting

saw blade this thing's really amazing I

saw it for the first time about a year

ago I was at the Home Depot prospective

event in New York City and Diablo was

there they're testing this and they're

showing how they would put this blade in

a circular saw and go through and cut

steel they cut it quickly it had left

sparks it had less heat there's a nice

clean cut I'll just show you what I'm

talking about


what's going on is they're cutting some

channel like that and soon as they cut

it they'd grab it and hand it to us and

there are no burrs on it it wasn't hot

but if you were to grab something like

that that was cut with an angle grinder

that sparking that heat the build up

they'll get pretty hot and that would be

something that you wouldn't want to grab

I've tested several other Diablo blades

before especially like the sawzall

blades and they do a great job the only

thing is they're not going to cut the

edges quite as clean as this one can

right here so if you just take a look at

that nice straight edges so my plan for

this video I'm trying to change my

format a little bit I'm going to do just

a little bit of talk in the beginning

and then get right to the action and

then at the end have a little more

talking again just to give you some of

the finer points and the specs of this

just so after you see how this works you

kind of understand and hear me explain

what's going on and why it does the job

that it does so my plan right now is to

get this thing installed on my circular

saw then we're going to go to my work

area over there and see the second

action I just installed the new blade on

there and the circular saw before I get

to company I want to get a measurement

of the temperature of this so it's forty

three point six degrees so I want to

show you how much this heats up or

actually how little it heats up and this

is my very first cut with the blade

normally I like to test that a little

bit first but you're gonna see that

firsthand how it works this is a bracket

right here for putting tools on you can

put on your wall and there's special

clips that go on it this is one

sixteenth of an inch thick this channel

right here so I'm gonna cut it right on

that line right there


looking good check the temperature I'm

gonna try to get right on the edge 46.4

alright let's take the angle grinder to

it see how fast you can cut it



okay let's get a measurement I can kind

of smell the smoke the 130 it was like

133 ray it at the beginning so that

definitely heat it up it's cooling down

pretty fast my garage is pretty cold in

here it's winter time I'm running some

heaters so let's see how well you can

see this this is the cut that I did

right in that black line this is with

the saw blade the side right here is

with the angle grinder and you can hear

how it's nagging right here it's

definitely smoother I tried to eyeball

it and do a good job which you know

definitely cut it off and it works well

for that I'd like my ankle grinders but

you're gonna get a much nicer finished

cut with the Diablo of circular saw

blade steel diamond this is a post they

use for snow fencing and the end got

kind of mangled a little bit sometimes

this end right here kind of mushrooms

too much so I'm going to just cut it off

a little bit below the orange right

there just see how it works

this stuff is 1/16 of an inch thick



you need to go deeper yet let me give

you a little contrast right here alright

so when you look at the edges that this

thing cut nice and cleaned no burrs at

all it's just really nice some flat

steel right here 3/16 by inch and a half

38.6 this was sitting closer to my door

which leaked some cold air all right I

guess I could be pushing a little bit

harder but I'm just carefully 45 46


that's definitely easy a handle okay

let's do the angle grinder

right here try that one first

114 113 114 right there so yeah

definitely a big difference between

those two methods

I'd like to show you the saw blade right

here some of the features of it so it's

a seven a quarter-inch forty eight teeth

Cermak carbide and what servant means

it's a ceramic and metallic blend this

in the teeth which provides a high heat

tolerance and it's an increased hardness

for spear wear and ultimate cutting life

lasting up to forty times longer than

your typical carbide teeth so there's a

little guide on here before that words

out I want to read that so for steel

studs and channels it will cut between

1/16 of an inch to a quarter inch same

thing at the angle iron threaded rod

this is pretty impressive

1/4 inch through inch and a half let me

give you a look here at the engineering

design of the blade so you can see

what's going on here it has advanced

laser cut steel Iser vents which traps

the noise and vibration for maximum

stability keeps the blades cooler for

straight accurate cuts and metal cutting

applications it has a laser cut then

curved design which provides less

resistance and on here is a perma shield

the coating on here and that's the

nonstick coating which protects against

gumming up and corrosion and then as

always before you put this blade in

action you're going to take the sticker

off right here you want to see the

reviews of this blade and find out more

on the Home Depot website I will provide

a link down below as of today the price

on this was twenty nine ninety seven but

click down there to see the latest price

after all the cutting that I just did

with this blade the teeth still looked

nice and sharp

when I first saw this blade right here

cutting steel my concern was this blade

went last very long at all but from what

I've seen the event this blade was

cutting steel all day long and each pass

was just as good as the next it didn't

really seem like it was they were

getting dull so I'm very impressed with

that my goal of this video is to put

this thing through the test so if you're

considering the purchase of the steel

demon that hopefully I'll help you know

whether or not this is right for you and

if you find the video interesting


please give it a thumbs-up and helps for

my channel that's it friends thanks for

watching see you next time