Glass Cutting with Guy (Part 2 - 1/4" Mirror)

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so that was how you cut double strength

for a two inch class now I'm going to

show you how to cut quarter inch glass

I've got a quarter inch mirror here that

I've already marked out 99% of the

mirrors that you're going to take off a

wall in a bathroom are going to be

quarter inch glass basically the scoring

is the same and let me go ahead and show

you that the the breakout is a little

different different it's a little more

difficult I'm going to show you a couple

of different ways to do that all right

so once again you dip the glass cutter

and your oil make a couple passes you

spread the oil out without putting any

pressure on the mirror

all right that's your score now the

first way to break this is to run it

with your fingers it's a little more

difficult if you have the hand strength

you can do this otherwise in a second

I'm going to show you how to do a

different way just like that another way

to break out a scar with a quarter inch

piece of glass is to put a straight edge

underneath it and you're going to want

to do this if you can't snap it with

your fingers the smaller the piece of

glass the harder it is to snap with your

fingers especially if you're just

cutting a smaller chunk off of the glass

so what you do is you put your

straightedge and you put the score right

in the middle of the straight edge you

can use a yardstick for this and then

you just apply pressure evenly until

it's snaps just like that and then you

carefully remove that piece of glass

away so they don't clink clink into each

other when you're removing them one last

thing after you've cut the glass the

edges are very sharp so you have to be

careful handling the glass and in a lot

of cases you're going to want to take

that sharpness off there's a couple of

ways you can do it if you have a piece

of sandpaper you can just hit the edges

we put our sandpaper on a sanding block

which works great too that's all you

need to do take the sharpness off if

you're doing a mirror and you're doing

the backside you want to make sure

you're going away from the silvery area

because if you go down that way you can

flake the mirror if you need a more

professional edge along the flat you can

take a belt sander

and finishes that way or if you have a

circular grind you can use that also so

that wraps up our last cunning video I

hope you enjoyed it

I'm Guy Solinsky with American glass and

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