How I Make Straight Accurate Cuts With The Angle Grinder

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hey there I'm making this video to show

how I make straight cuts with the

grinder and steel I've had people

comment on that before first thing I

need to talk about is some realities of

this and the first and foremost and most

important is that I have a lot of

experience using a grinder and

experience is something that you simply

can't discount a lot of people seem to

think that you know they should be able

to pick up a tool and it immediately

it'll work for them the same way as

someone else who's been using it for

years does and it's it's not like that

I've often made the comparison because

it's something a lot more people do you

know to driving and they're good drivers

and there are bad drivers and there are

experienced drivers and they're

inexperienced drivers and the same thing