How to Cut Copper Pipes for a Refrigerator : Copper Pipes & Fittings

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hello everyone I'm Joshua Clement today

I'm going to talk about how to cut your

copper pipes for your refrigerator what

we'll be doing is we will be cutting the

copper pipe very carefully because the

copper pipe for your refrigerator is a

very soft copper so you want to do it

rather slowly for this job we'll be

using a copper tube cutter so here we

have a quarter-inch soft copper line

what we'll do is take our tube cutter

put it over a copper line tighten it

down to where you just feel a little bit

of resistance and then you'll start to

spin it after you get spun around a

couple times tighten it up just a little

bit more and spin it again and we'll

keep doing that until it breaks all the

way through your copper line if you

notice our copper is actually squeezed a

little bit on the end from cutting it so

on the backside of your cutter you

should have a little tool that you can

stick inside the end of your pipe and

start to bend that soft copper back out

and regain its original shape it's

important to know how to cut the pipe

correctly because if you just go ahead

and try to use a regular pipe cutter on

there you could end up damaging the pipe

and not being able to put on a

compression fitting thank you all for

watching and good luck with this project