Cut Wire Rope Without Cutters

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if you need to cut some wire rope and

you don't have a pair of cutters or you

don't want to buy a pair of cutters

because you're only going to use them

once or twice in your lifetime there is

another tool that you may have in your

toolbox that'll help you out wrap

electrical tape at the place on the rope

where you want to cut it

this will stop the ends from fraying

you'll need a hammer and a cold chisel

even if you don't have a cold chisel

it's cheaper to buy a cold chisel than

to buy a rope cutter place the wire rope

on a hard metal surface place the cold

chisel in between the two pieces of tape

and give it a good whack


and now you have a nice cleanly cut

piece of wire rope this method won't be

too useful if you're out in the field