Four Common Ways to Cut Acrylic, Plexiglass and Lucite

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we're going to show you the four most

common ways to cut acrylic commonly

known as plexiglass lucite perspex and

aquiline when scoring use a straightedge

you can use the same straightedge to

guide your blade when you do the scoring

procedure when scoring the material hold

the blade at an angle to get you the

best desired result it will take

multiple passes to get a deeper score

line with thicker material

break material on the score line

second step would be to use a scroll saw

saber saw or jigsaw as you can see it is

a fine-tooth blade which is best for

cutting acrylic you can use a template

to trace make a line or use a

straightedge depending on what you're

going to do always make sure you clamp

your product down to a table for

security and also keep your hands away