1000 CALORIES A DAY FOR 10 DAYS | Serious weight loss!

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so you probably thinking this is the not

start to a velocity PT video but we're

brunch now and try new things so this is

the thousand calorie a day challenge for

ten days been Greymon blonde in the

office I've challenged me to do thousand

colors a day for ten days I'm doctor

enter we're going to truck or some body

composition stuff see if I can manage it

I'm going to vlog as much of it as I can

and we're going to make it into a nice

video and just see how I get on really

so we're in my kitchen

it's Sunday the 15th of September the

day before I'm about to start it so I'm

starting it tomorrow on Monday

and I've just been too little and I've

stocked up on some supplies and this is

actually the food for the full 10 days

and there isn't a lot here really so

breaking it down a thousand calories a