1000 CALORIES A DAY FOR 10 DAYS | Serious weight loss!

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so you probably thinking this is the not

start to a velocity PT video but we're

brunch now and try new things so this is

the thousand calorie a day challenge for

ten days been Greymon blonde in the

office I've challenged me to do thousand

colors a day for ten days I'm doctor

enter we're going to truck or some body

composition stuff see if I can manage it

I'm going to vlog as much of it as I can

and we're going to make it into a nice

video and just see how I get on really

so we're in my kitchen

it's Sunday the 15th of September the

day before I'm about to start it so I'm

starting it tomorrow on Monday

and I've just been too little and I've

stocked up on some supplies and this is

actually the food for the full 10 days

and there isn't a lot here really so

breaking it down a thousand calories a

day it's not a lot it's not under my

colors that anyone should really be

eating but it's a bit of a challenge

it's for 10 days it's going to be

monitored and we're gonna see what we

can do so I'm just going to stop the

video here and I'm going to show you

what food off actually laughter the

Sundays so here is all the food I've

chosen so it isn't a lot of food for 10

days if you look at it and break it down

and you can see here that I've chosen

some simple foods and it's going to be

very very say me and that's just purely

so that stay within those thousand

calories I'll put it all into

MyFitnessPal which we will throw up on

the screen at some point and just

showing that I am eating just under a

thousand calories it will not go over

and so breaking it down briefly we've

got some 5% lean beef steak mints we've

got some chicken breasts some veg you

have some broccoli and some sugar snap

sorry some potatoes and for the morning

we've got some

Oates the Tomatis that is going to go in

the in mints to make a kind of almost

Bolognese and then just some herbs and

spices and some fry laps or so to cook

everything in really and that's it so

it's going to be three male three males

three meals and it's going to be broken

down over the day so I'm going to try

and just do a morning lunch and then

evening meal with nothing in between my

plan is to drink plenty of water

throughout the day and just see how we

get on but yeah that's all the food

I'll be eating for the full ten days so

that's a challenge thousand calories a

day for ten days that's all the food now

I'm gonna cook it all up but first I'm

gonna head out for the day and then I'll

recap you with you this afternoon and

I'll show you we could get there

basically portioning it all up I'm

probably not going to cook it all now

because obviously we want it to stay

fresh and I'm not a massive fan of fries

and normal meals so how they cook half

now and then half and you know as we

kind of get on through the ten days so

roll of cooking close


okay guys we've just finished meal

prepping I've done enough food for three

days I'm hoping there's none left over

if there is I'm sure awesome else in the

family too but let's check out what I've

made for the next three days so first

thing I made is some lean mint so the

Lehman's we showed looked at earlier

sorry and this is made with the passata

it's just to make it basically not dry

thrown some spices in there just to make

it a bit more interesting

next dark out sauce we've got some nice

new potatoes or baked potatoes and I've

boiled these let them cool and then I'm

actually throwing them in a in a hot pan

that paprika salt garlic and some passed

on there as well again bit more

interesting next is our second protein

sauce which is the chicken breast botfly

this just pan-fried it and again I've

run some barbecue rub on there a little

bit more solid bit more garlic and then

finally a little bit of greens though

ice and colorful like the right there we

go this is just our veg sauce so that's

pretty much it so those are the three

components and now I'm gonna go over

here and I'm going to box them up and

see what it looks like okay guys so that

is the meals all sorted out and what the

stop and you may notice that there is

only veg in four of the fire so it for

the six meals I'm not sure on a box is

going to be with the mince I've only put

it with one of the meals if it works and

when I do

next batch of cookin then I will

obviously include it in there I have got

quite a lot of a chicken leftover and a

load of mints as well so I will probably

either give that to another common but

or contradict myself and I'll freeze it

but that's it in terms of the meals

practice up so I'm gonna box mark now

and pop them in the fridge so just out

of interest and if you are interested as

well how much did it cost me so I'm just

gonna quickly I mean it's not a massive

calculation as you can imagine so for

all that food don't feel be able to see

that that's 33 pounds and fifty nine

pence it's not food obviously for ten

days and it's obviously not enough food

for most people offer anyone a thousand

colors isn't enough but just to kind of

give you an idea they'll probably be a

little bit left over as well from that

as well especially the mints I didn't

realize the packets are actually kilos

not 750 grams as one on the badly of

their new packaging a little which I

didn't see because I'm not very

observant obviously but yeah 33 pound 59

if anyone's interested and they're all

packed up done and that's a prep them

now for the start tomorrow and that's

pretty much it so I'll wake up in the

morning and I'll get my weight on the

scales first thing and then I'm so when

I'm in the office I will probably get

some body composition stuff so I'll pull

you up so my measurement stuff like that

and I'll kind of it my start point and

then we'll do that again

in the end of the ten days on day eleven

bit of a twist to the old thousand

calories a day for ten days but we'll

get to that in ten days

see you then good morning everyone

it's Monday the 16th of September and

today is a start of my 1,000 calorie

challenge over a 10 day period so sorry

only run in a video that I prepped

summer meals did I'm a shopping

yesterday works at our McAlary is

exactly what I'll be eating so I'm gonna

be stick to those same three meals every

day I got my weight this morning as well

I didn't video I'll get a picture cuz it

was early and everyone else in the house

is asleep and my starting weight is


Stone 11 pounds so put your bets in now

with the amount of weight I lose over

these 10 days and we have all got a bit

of a guess on in the office which we're

going to catch up with later and see

what the odds in the office think I'm

going to get to in terms of my weight

when we get in the office I'm going to

show you my three meals just to kind of

have a bit of a catch up with everyone's

guesses and we'll just kind of take it

from there really

I'll keep everyone updated with how I'm

feeling I'm still gonna train as normal

so that's not going to change your also

I'm going to keep everything as similar

as I can on now yeah we'll just see what

happens so just finish do my

measurements you saw very quickly in

that clip there just a quick video and

so just in measurements on five

different places of just in three points

around the waist in my chest and my

mouth I as well and so that they're

truck now it's obviously doomed so I'll

just do them again at the end of the ten

days and see if there's any differences

there obviously I've got my weight

though as well and that's obvious is

something else I'll be monitoring

probably that as I said earlier at the

beginning which I've done midpoint and

then at the end as well and I'll say for

the measurements really just wanted to

quickly go over the My Fitness Pal

because that's one reason to track my

calories and all that kind of thing and

so I've got it here in front of me I get

Brun and to throw up on the screen at

some point but basically breakfast is my

oats that's 200 calories and then from a

lunch that's what I'm gonna have my can

we have my chicken which about today and

then it's a broccoli some potatoes

afternoon some a third meal and the

evening is the the beef statement with

the the Passat and the potatoes again

some of those have got greens in some -

but I've account and fill up with

calories are also nice to smush in a

coffee there with a little bit of semi

skimmed milk as well so that puts me at

995 calories for each day so I'm

actually six calories under and I've

incorporated this oil that I've cooked

all the food in it as well I haven't

incorporated sauce because I haven't had

any if I do fall ill any kind of

throughout the week ten days

I can't just throw that in there because

I've got the calories but it will maybe

a little bit and it will be tracked but

that's pretty much the calories for the

10 days cool morning everybody it's

Monday no it's not it's Tuesday the 17th

of September I'm on day two of the old

thousand cars a day for 10 days

challenge feeling pretty good today I'm

just in Lincoln I've just finished up

with a learner it's just gone 11:30 and

I've just got myself I think it's a bit

of a cheeky Starbucks now only reason

I've done that is because I've got a

finish bit of paperwork and then head

back to the office I'm not going to be

back in the office till gone so I've

o'clock and I'm not eating anything yet

today because I've been traveling online

in with a with a learner so I've got

myself some some oats the the five grain

oats that they do a little bit more

color ISM I use love him a pot of oats

in the morning but it's one of those

things just making it work and I've got

myself a regular americano so all of

these together it's about 350 360

calories so a little bit more than what

I bet at this point but I'm just gonna

make those adjustments later on in the

day with my meals just grow a little bit

a chicken cut all over potatoes or

whatever it works best but yeah that's

where I match Tuesday feeling okay so

I'm going to eat this and I'm gonna get

back to the office just go back to the

office now it's now quarter to five a

little bit later on from a knife spoke

to earlier when I was at Starbucks at

lunchtime mister for lunch not got much

filming done today just because we've

all been really really busy in the

office today so not managed to get

anything filmed but as I said I'm not

going to film every second every day of

every day just because it's kind of

content how I'm feeling and how the day

is going that kind of thing probably

won't get any filming done tomorrow

either because I've got busy day and not

all of us are in the office either

then on Thursday we'll definitely get

some content filmed I'm just going to

kind of get filming of the guys and kind

of what they predict my weight loss

gonna be up to now I'm feeling pretty

good not feeling lethargic or anything

like that feeling pretty any Geoff

energetic sorry I've got one more meal

left for today which is going to be a

lower amount because of my Starbucks

earlier on today making sure I'm

drinking plenty of water which is key

thing to help and feeling full and


but other than that feeling pretty good

so I'll probably catch up with you in

couple days

on Thursday hi guys it is Friday

24 September not video for a couple of

days just been really busy teaching

everyone else been teaching it is about

20 pass/no 20 to 7:00 in the morning you

just got to start with a client just

kind of on it's update things are going

ok I'm not feeling too bad I'm not

feeling that you know not what low in

energy just fill in a little bit

lethargic then so I'm just kind of going

with it and just keep eating my meals

keeping consistent drinking plenty of


I'm not manage to get the gals

predictions as of yet just been that

busy and I'm actually on annual leave

today so I'll probably catch up with you

on Sunday when I'm back in teaching

right everybody so I've been slack as in

recording content for this for the past

car five days the beginning did loads of

content which you're obvious is watched

last five days have been really bad I've

just been not busy up an in Birmingham

up in Stockton working over the weekend

a bodybuilding show which Bron another

clip of now and then I've just been that

busy and obviously my car's been that

low my focus and my attention just been

crap so apologies for that in advance

I did actually finish the the turn so

the thousand calories for ten days

yesterday is the 26th of September now

so I did my final weigh in this morning

again didn't manage to get a clip of

that because I was up a far this morning

traveling to Birmingham today so I did

get him await will never do wrong

I'm motto or what is 11 pounds just over

I was 12 stone 13 and 3/4 on the scale

so it's just over 11 pounds in 10 days

it's just over a pound pound a day I can

of why I expected we are at guesses

which said at film I didn't and Brannon

guessed 18 pounds grain guessed 10

pounds I was a green dress and I think

rimas 40 pounds been guessed 10 pounds

and I had

inkling it would be ten eleven pounds as

well so about a pound a day roughly it's

not surprising really if you kind of

think about that mark my maintenance

colors color is sorry around 2400 today

obviously like a 14 1,500 calorie

deficit every day other up with the 10

days it's a huge deficit to be him

obviously although that's not far you

could probably account at least half of

that to kind of just volume of food and

water weight and I would not recommend

it plain and simple I felt like crap

yesterday especially like nine-day 9 and

10 just really really lethargic found

myself being rocked a lot all the time I

was drinking like 3/4 cups of coffee a

day which usually I drink one maybe two

so it's not something I would recommend

definitely not something that's

sustainable and it's definitely not

something I would do again but it was

interesting to see how I kind of got on

with it I did do some measurements as

well earlier on and I've lost around an

inch and a half from all around my waist

like say the same chest was half an inch

I think but no nothing too dramatic was

just more the actual weight that was

lost which was which is exceptional

wouldn't recommend it as a diet to

anybody because it's yeah I'm just

wooden it's just not enjoyable at all

the brain is like 600 calories just a

function alone on a day so obvious an

average so you know I'm on being a

circle so that for 400 calories so yeah

don't do it don't try it

so there's actually a little bit of a

spin and a twist to this challenge so

there is going to be a part two


to this video and we'll end this here is

part 1 I've just been doing some stuff

in the kitchen which will lead to part 2

which I'm going to be doing on Friday

the 27th of September tomorrow which is

going to be almost like a little bit of

a twist to the star if you like so you

will catch me in part 2 and you can see

what it's all about I've been in the

kitchen thanks for watching