How to cut perspex | how to cut acrylic sheet

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I'm going to show you how to cut purse

back to easily a lot of large

manufacturers cook perspex on large

industrial machines laser cutting

machines and even water jet cutting

machines which makes it easy when you

consider it at all you're limited really

to a circular saw or a jigsaw but you

can use a motor for cutting straight

lines I like to use a circular saw and

for curved lines I use a jigsaw it's

real easy to call there's nothing hard

about it and I'm going to show you how

to do it and also going to straightedge

I you can see that this edge here isn't

straight to begin with so firstly we're

going to cut a new wedge on there and

get it nice and straight so cuts a

straight edge along here

we're going to use these clamps and a

piece of angle iron to give us a