3 Ways to Cut Flex Track for your Model Railroad

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do you need to install flex track on

your layout but you're not quite sure

how to make the cuts in this video we'll

look at three different ways you can cut

flex track so you can produce the size

pieces that you need to fit your layout

so these are the three ways that I like

to cut flex track oh when I'm installing

it on my layouts so the first way is you

can use a miter box and a razor saw put

the track inside it here you get a nice

smooth cut when you do this but it is a

little bit harder to use there is also

the risk because of the teeth on the saw

they kind of you know sometimes snag on

the track itself you cannot you have a

tendency to sometimes rip the rail out

of the ties especially with this micro

engineering track that has various small

spike details on the side you can easily

rip the track out of those using a razor