I cut my wife's hair! | How to Trim Women's Hair

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welcome to a very special edition of

tips for clips where I'm gonna trim my

beautiful wipes hair for the first time

and if you're stuck at home and have a

similar problem this videos for you and

here's a quick sneak peek at the

finished result you'll just need a pair

of scissors some hair ties and a

hairbrush so first part her hair down

the middle and then you're gonna part

the hair right at the center of the ear

and you're gonna do this on both sides

and then all of the hair that you have

left in the back you're gonna put up in

a ponytail and then after you have the

ponytail you're going to take some of

the hair from the front that frames the

face and you're gonna hold that here and

this is gonna be where we make our first

trim an absolute rule that you will use

throughout is be careful and be cautious