I cut my wife's hair! | How to Trim Women's Hair

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welcome to a very special edition of

tips for clips where I'm gonna trim my

beautiful wipes hair for the first time

and if you're stuck at home and have a

similar problem this videos for you and

here's a quick sneak peek at the

finished result you'll just need a pair

of scissors some hair ties and a

hairbrush so first part her hair down

the middle and then you're gonna part

the hair right at the center of the ear

and you're gonna do this on both sides

and then all of the hair that you have

left in the back you're gonna put up in

a ponytail and then after you have the

ponytail you're going to take some of

the hair from the front that frames the

face and you're gonna hold that here and

this is gonna be where we make our first

trim an absolute rule that you will use

throughout is be careful and be cautious

so you don't want to cut off too much so

I'm gonna cut off about an inch and a

half here and this is the hair that's

gonna frame her face

I've watched a few YouTube videos myself

and I've learned a couple of tips here

and this is the best that I've come up

with so you just cut straight across and

then every time after you make a cut

you're gonna want to do what's called a

point cut you see here I'm just slipping

back and forth vertically right in the

direction of the hair this sort of

feathers out and lightens up the hair at

the bottom instead of making it look

like an abrupt chop

for all the husbands watching this

apparently there's something called dead

ends at the bottom of women's hair which

means there's sort of like split and

frayed and that's all you're trying to

get rid of in this haircut next we're

just gonna take that hair back and what

we just cut is now gonna be used as our

guideline and I'm gonna show you exactly

what I mean here as I comb her hair back

I'm gonna see some hair sticking up

right there that's where we just cut so

what you want to do is cut about an inch

and a half under where you just cut way

you don't want to inhalation you're

gonna cut straight across and then again

every time after we cut straight across

we're just gonna point cut it just as

I'm doing right now to feather it out to

lighten it up exact same thing on the

other side find where your guide is and

go an inch and a half under that so the

guides are the same exact length because

it was the same cut at the beginning so

you want to make sure that the inch and

a half that you're estimating is as

precise as you can be and the way to

check it is after this step check the

hair along the face that's framing the

face and make sure it's the same length

on both sides as we've been doing once

you cut make sure you point cut

afterwards to feather that out next

you're going to undo the ponytail in the

back and you're gonna divide the hair

right down the center front and back and

you're gonna brush the hair to the side

take the hair in your hands just like we

did before you're gonna find your

guidelines you see that guideline right

there that I just showed you and again

you're gonna cut about an inch and a

half under that guideline try to be as

precise as you can here

and then point cut as usual and notice

here I'm not necessarily layering the

hair this is very basic just getting a

trim and getting rid of any dead ends at

the bottom of the hair same thing on the

other side you're going to brush through

the hair and when you see that hair

popping out from where you're previously

cut you're gonna go about an inch and a

half under there and the whole point is

that stepwise we're framing the face

we're framing the hair to go from

shorter in the front to a little bit

longer in the back I know for most of us

guys we can't really tell the difference

but this hair is healthier now because

all of that ends are cut but you can at

least tell it looks a lot better and the

final step now is going to be brushing

all the hair and seeing if anything is

sticking out and cutting just straight

across the bottom making sure that

nothing is choppy that everything is

nice and straight you don't want to cut

too much here because you don't want to

mess up what you feathered but just

evening things out and there you have it

a very simple trim again be careful be

cautious I am NOT responsible for any

arguments that may ensue as a result of

this video but do give it a try I am

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