How to unlock Android phones when forgot Password

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hi guys today I will show you what you

need to do if you forgot a password of

your home so the screen password to

unlock your phone so I'm gonna show you

what you need to do before I start the

process please if you are new to the

channel don't forget to subscribe and

share the video alright right now I have

the Samsung Galaxy apt alright guys what

you have to do just press the power

button and the piling up both other

bonds at the same time hold it down from

5 to 10 seconds

all right once the phone is completely

off the whole is the bomb you know just

keep it down before the bones even when

you see the samsung galaxy in the screen

you don't release the buttons now

release the buttons when you see this

square like this right now what you have

to do is press the value down and go to