How to CRACK Any Android App|Game with Lucky Patcher | [Unlimited Money] |No Root || 2019

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hello friends welcome back to the

Android guy I'm your host hardly Kumar

in today's video I'll be showing you how

to crack and patch games directly on an

Android device so that you can make

unlimited in-app purchases for free

let's get started now before we get

started number one this app will work on

non rooted devices but if your device is

rooted then is a little bit more easier

to use because the patches will be

directly added to the game but if a

device is non-rooted this app will work

I talked about that later in the video

and lucky patch is an all-in-one

cracking and modification app for

Android devices not only can crack games

to make three in-app purchases but you

can also remove ads and different and

stuff like that let's go ahead and let

me show you we hit on a game over here