What To Do When You CRACK Your iPhone Screen! Repair Guide HERE

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when you crack your iPhone of course

it's a bummer but you might not be aware

of what options you have to get it

repaired and today I'm going to present

several of the options out there to you

and let you make the best decision for

your situation coming up next on Tech

Talk I feel very fortunate

in that I've never done this but I know

a lot of people who at some point in

time have cracked their phone their

laptops their iPad whatever it may be

and when that does happen it's certainly

an easy way to sour any day but a lot of

people don't know what are the options

for getting the stuff prepared and I'm

not going to lie to you it's a little

bit complicated but I think that you

should be aware of what your options are

so let's go over them together one by

one option one do the repair yourself