How to HATCH the ENDER DRAGON EGG in Minecraft Tutorial!

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this is the ice cream kids me making

videos for seven days straight with no

sleep it really hopes that you love them

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before today's video so he can finally

take a nap these guys he's going crazy

hey what's up guys it was dream here to

show you how you can hatch the Ellison

and dragon egg in your very own a

Minecraft world but what if I told you

there's actually more than one way to

hatch the egg that's right

there's truth


the first way most people already know

if you can use a summoning ritual to

hatch the egg in the end and respawn the

Enderdragon but don't worry if you don't

know how to do that I'll be showing you

in today's video however the second way

almost no one seems to know you can