Crack this safe in 4 sec electronic safe cracking techniques made easy

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I'm Chris and today we're gonna open

this safe let's do this real quick safes

are a great thing to keep things secure

but with any safe you want to make sure

the items you keep inside are gonna be

secure and they're not gonna be accessed

when you don't want them to be

I picked this safe up at a garage sale

and it's not a bad little safe it has

some nice features that I like it has a

nice electronic lock that's nice and

easy to open with a reset button on the

inside so you can change the code

anytime you want the batteries are

located inside and if the batteries

should happen to fail you can go ahead

and open the safe of the key so you can

replace the battery using still access

your safe now there are a few features

on this safe that I don't like the key

they decided to use is garbage now this