How To Perfectly Crack An Egg (With One Hand)

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the perfect human knows how to crack

eggs perfectly let's take a look at the

science and technique behind the perfect

egg crack anyone can crack an egg with

two hands but using one shows confidence

and style this is the exterior anatomy

of a Gallus Gallus domesticus egg or

chicken egg the tip of the dome is its

most durable spot it distributes weight

evenly which minimizes strain this is

why hens can sit on their eggs without

breaking them the most vulnerable part

of the egg is the center this is where

we plan our attack practice using two

ping-pong balls in a coin hold one ball

with your thumb forefinger and middle

finger use your ring finger and pinky to

support the other ball against your paw

place the coin in between the two now

separate the balls slowly releasing the

coin practice this and perfection will