How to Rip an Apple in Half with Your Bare Hands!

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what's up guys today I'm gonna show you

how to rip an Apple in half with your

bare hands let's get into it first new

things why would ever want to do that

then you're probably lame and you should

go watch a different YouTube video so

what you gonna need for this trick is an

apple of course your bare hands and

somebody to impress so the first thing

you're gonna want to do is remove this

stem now once you get better at this the

stem doesn't really matter but when

you're first learning this name is kind

of in the way so just twist the stem out

to remove it this one's kind of short so

you're just gonna leave it as it is it's

not in the way so the Apple you choose

is more important than you think

especially when you're learning when

you're first doing this smaller apples

are really hard actually small apples