AMC MCQ (part 1) exam preparation guide for Dummies! Tips for cracking the Australian exam

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what is up everyone welcome back to

another vlog and today's vlog is going

to be how to pass the MC exam the part 1

MC q for dummies people who have just

started the preparation or in the

process of preparation now those who

don't know me let me just introduce

myself again I'm a junior doctor working

in Australia I'm an IMG originally from

Pakistan and have been working in

Australia for the past two years

I passed my AMC part 1 in 2018 and that

is on the third attempt so I gave the

exam once in 2017 failed it then gave it

again in early 2018 failed it again and

then gave another exam late in 2018 at

that time I passed and the important

thing of my journey was that it took me

six years just to think about and psych

up and attempt the exam every time I

spoke to people you will told me this an