7 ways to crack a nut

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yes and that should crack the note so

acidic that give this about an hour and

the nut will actually be crack so I'll

come back give him anything right

unfortunately it didn't work this time

but try again with maybe different types

of jams to trial up rotary jam or jammy

Jam and then you never know you might

just crack ulam not know crack for you

should be sent right so there Linda will

be broken down inside the axe email and

as you can see it is actually cracked

Wow ice with attached not too drunk I'm

gonna fly any crash landing see what

happens from then the nut didn't crack

but it was a really nice try so I'm


just stop covering English trust me this

is the quickest and most efficient way

right so I've covered in nine hope blue

and hopefully this'll just mate when I