How To Use Any SIM Card On Airtel & Idea Hotspot (Unlocking) For Free 2018 New Method

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hey guys today I'm gonna show you how to

unlock Wow way for us what for free the

model that we are going to unlock is a 5

5 7 3 CS 6:09 from air tail and idea for

this tutorial you will need to download

the tools for unlocking I'll put a

download link in the description below

first of all take out the six screws

using screwdriver from the hotspot after

downloading the file which is a zip file

extract it you will need an extracting

software like one rare or other software

in Windows 7

if you're using Windows 10 then that's

not a problem after extracting open the

folder these are the folders open step

one which is installing drivers start

from the first double-click error code

10 click on yes yes again click OK go

back open the install crew folder

double-click MMB service setup click yes