How to crack aipmt in first attempt

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hi everyone one of my viewers had asked

you to talk about we're prepared for AI


so as my attempt my starter thankful I

am to in lemon standard there were

people in my batch but already started

preparing for the exam years years ago

so there were people who were starting

for it from nine standard and standard

there were people in my battery warranty

squalor and cavity my scholar deep is

math and science scholar and other than

having her ten CGP I was a nobody to be

honest these people were trans in three

thousands and I were a hunk of 211 so I

think in retrospect it does not really

matter who starts well if you start by

1100 a negative whole hearted attempt I

think it was more than enough so in my

lemon standard I did primarily NCR teas

for biology so I did the NTID biology