How to crack 500+ in NEET 2016 | 1 Month Plan | NEET 2016 Phase 2

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the NEET examination that you're giving

this year has got positive marking for

the right answers and negative marking

for the wrong answers so you not only

have to get the right answers right you

have to know very smartly which one to

not attempt if you're doubtful because

you can just give markings because you

want to lose marks for it so I

understand that you've been given

limited time two months to study a

two-year portion so now at this point in

time it is very important that you get

the right answers right you know which

one to miss because you can't take that

gamble over here because you are

competing with real national level kids

across the country especially with the

CPSC the ICS and everybody this message

is exclusively for the state board kids

how to crack your knee with a minimum of