How to crack AIIMS PG exam in 1 month - Secrets of an insider | Preparation strategy |

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hi guys in this video I'll be telling

you about how to crack aims in just one

month so you might be thinking why you

should believe anything that I actually

say this is just some random video they

have did you have Congress well using

these strategies I was able to come down

to a rank of 17 from 2600 in just one

month of preparation this exam I have

given is dams aim CBD there is a smoke

test the first him smoke test

probability of a new pattern when 2019

April and in just one month I was able

to come to me ranked 17 on May 1st so

let's get started there is a saying that

right question comes before right answer

so make sure that you're very clear

about what you want to read and how

you're going to read it so here is the


first I used I started with old question