How to install easypanel on Adobe photoshop 2015 Mac

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hi everybody this way Mustapha today I

will show you how to install manually

easy panel on Mac because my friend

Jimmy do not have access to his malloc

so is unable to show us by video how we

do thereby and installing easy panel

manually and Mac and just just in case

if it's not installed automatically as

you know there is easy panel here we go

yeah either install it automatically if

there is something wrong happen or - did

not install well so you need to do

manual installation manual installation

is very easy so you can you what first

thing you need is to extract this folder

to desktop or somewhere else so you can

able to drag it drop the contents of

this folder to library a data will show

you right now so first thing we'll go to

click on alt in your keyboard then as

you can see it will show you a library