Router Password Cracking

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hello guys welcome back to my another

video series this fever yes I was quite

busy so I could not make any witness

sorry for that so in this new video I

would like to show you how we can use a

simple tool a Hydra for password

cracking for a router so we are taking

our out of password cracking these not

directory attack so let's just go and

start first let me check my IP so my P

is 1 i2 insisted 1.1 other so let me

bring once it's 16.1 that one

this should be my default gateway see

whether we can think this one so this

just runner and map so you can see here

a lot of option you can go to my

previous video for end map so if you

just use a simple Austin here maybe we

should stick a bit long time

see it's just going day scanning for

services ok you can see all the