2022 Reset Windows 10 Password without Software or Bootable Media using only Command Line

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hi everyone in today's video I'm going

to show you how to reset any user or

admin password in Windows 10 using only

command prompt to run the command prompt

at the login screen we have to assign

that function to the ease of access

button when you press this Bank your

ease of access application which is util

man dot exe while command prompt is

cmd.exe so the main idea is simply to

name CMD to eutteum and so let's do it

first of all we have to perform two

unexpected system shutdowns press the

power button to turn on your PC and when

you see the windows logo hold the power

button down until PC shuts down turn

your computer back on and repeat the

process now let it boot to the automatic

repair screen click Advanced Options

troubleshoot Advanced Options and select

system image recovery click cancel next