The Safe, Simple, and Easy Way To Open A Young Coconut

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this video will show you the safe way to

open up a young Thai coconut so you'll

need three things a little cutting board

a sharp knife and a cleaver the first

thing you're going to do is to shave off

the outer white husk of the coconut and

you can do this with the sharp knife you

just need to get all of the white stuff

off of the top now this is very

important to do because you need to make

sure it is completely shaved if you've

still got a little bit of white stuff on

there the coconut will not open up

easily so this is the easy way to make

this happen okay so once you've got all

the white parts peeled off for the white

stuff peeled off you'll notice that

there are three ridges that go across

the top of the coconut and what you're

going to do is take your cleaver and on

one of the ridges just pick any one here