How To Decrypt & Encrypt A XEX File

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what is up YouTube XCX solutions and

today I am bringing you a nother jtech

tutorial and this is on how to decrypt

and anchor it 10x e^x so what the

advantages of doing this well you can

basically edit any XX of your choice

such as maybe offline files Xbox Live

stealth server files maybe XE cheats or

even a trainer xx of your choice to

basically edit it decrypt it and encrypt

it again to put it back on your console

you can edit certain things like X

notify messages so when you boot up your

console when you get xbox live fully

stealth doors then I'm fully stealth you

can edit that text to whatever you like

so it's pretty cool pretty easy I've had

a few requests on my last video on how

to do this there are video tutorials and

Texas Orioles out there I thought you

know what I'm just going to make this