(Picking 106) How to crack a cheap WordLock dial combination padlock

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hey yeah I've got a dial combination

lock here and this time it's a word lock

okay it's very similar to these cheap

combination locks where it's got both

both got a key stone and a white tick on

the middle the Styles wider this key

stone maybe it's a little bit more

pronounced with the cheap ones the

shekel is about seven and a half miles

where is this one it's about it's a

little bit more maybe very similar and

can it be shimmed put a shim down here

try and force it down yeah it's gone

down now and yep

it opened so it can be successfully

shimmed and when I ticks all times pull

up on the shackle and it doesn't click

into every two or three numbers or

letters in this case so I'm going to

start a tips in the shackle quite a bit

of tension channeling it around hmm it