The Easiest Way to Break Car Windows?

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today's video is sponsored by North Vee

p.m. in today's video we're gonna test

out if you can use the ceramic from a

broken spark plug to break a car window

how much force does it really take a

while ago we tested out several methods

of breaking out of a car if you were

trapped inside it we tried a screwdriver

a seatbelt

kicking out the windshield and a metal

punch which worked really well but we

didn't try everything so this was

actually an idea that we heard of from

that same car lot that we went to

apparently they are used to people

needing to brake cars they use it for

firefighting training I believe the

place where people can go buy a junk car

and then break it so it was actually

very very fun but something that they

told us while we were there is that the