How To Crack A Whip like Indiana Jones!

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how to crack a whip like Indiana Jones

hello and welcome to videojug imagine

having everything at your fingertips

whenever you need it

that's what a bullwhip can do for you

here's how to use one so you can stay


in your dotage step one the forward

crack this is the simplest crack which

flows vertically in front of you

grasp the handle with your thumb on the

top pointing along the length of the

whip now swing your arm up so your hands

above your head and flick your wrist

forward like you're hitting a nail with

a hammer the tip will fly forward over

your arm and should crack in front of

you at face level this is very useful

for picking up desk stationery swatting

flies and fending off furious Peruvian

tribesmen hell-bent on your destruction