Whip Lesson Plan for Beginners

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hello my name is Adam winrich and this

is a video directed at beginning whip

crackers a sort of a lesson plan as to

what order you should try to learn your

whip cracking there's a lot of single

videos out there showing individual whip

cracks this video kind of goes from

cracked cracked crack to give you a

progression as to in which order you

should try to learn those cracks the

whip I'm gonna be using is a 4 foot 8

inch performance hybrid whip I'll

include some links in the description

section that will let you know where you

can buy one of these it's a good whip

for beginners a lot of people are using

them I use this particular whip in my

shows all the time

all right so let's do some whip cracking

the first crack you'll want to learn is

the Cattleman's crackles it's swing the