How to open a walnut without a nut cracker (two different methods demonstrated by A Walnut Master)

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hi there today we're going to show you

how to open the wall

without using a nutcracker what you'll

need is a knife the type of knife you

use for your dinner so it's not sharp

I'm also a pair of goggles or glasses

because when you open it using this

method sometimes pieces will fly around

so I start by putting on your protective

glasses and then get your knife and as

always when using a knife always be

careful even though it's not sharp as I

said in a knife if you're not

experienced of using a knife then get

somebody else who is used to using a

knife so what you do is get your Walmart

and this too and still one is the top

end you can say and the bottom end of

the side which is closest to the tree

and what you do is take the tip of the

knife and just squeeze it in there and