How to Crack a Walnut Part II

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fresh Howard Oregon walnuts they were

harvested this fall so nice and fresh

and I picked them up directly from the

farmers so they haven't been very

traumatized and our goal here is to open

up the upper half of the walnut shell

and take out the walnut piece hull and

also take the septum out so what we're

going to do here is go ahead and select

a wall down and I've selected a walnut

and it's a fairly good size and it

doesn't make a lot of noise when I

rattle it so it means that the septum

system is mature and is protecting the

walnut meat so I think we've got a good

one here so the going to wrap this up on

the upper Pole along the secondary seam

here's the primary seam we wanted to

crack this way because the walnut halves

are here and here so I'm going to use my