Vigenere Cipher - Decryption (Unknown Key)

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this is the second video on how to

decrypt the Visionnaire cipher the first

video was about if you know the key in

this video I'm going to talk about what

happens when you do not know the key for

the Visionnaire cipher how do you crack

it in that case there are two steps one

find the key length you have to know how

long the key is if the key is three

numbers long or ten numbers long step

two is you have to find each number in

the key once you know how long it is you

have to figure out what the numbers are

in order to find the key length first

thing you have to do is write out your

ciphertext so this is my ciphertext that

I want to find out what it says what I'm

going to do is I'm going to literally

rewrite the ciphertext only one over

so our ciphertext is V the HQ etc so I'm

doing the same thing I'm just screwing