How To Crack A Software Using Ollydbg | Easy Software Cracking

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hey hello guys what's up welcome to my

channel I'm will generalizing you a

brand new video so into this video I

will show you how you could track a

software and use it without paying so

for that we will be using already which

is often I will leave a link for you

guys to download it so basically ordered

EBG is a debugging software it provides

us the assembly language language of the

software so we will be using it for

reverse engineering to crack uh software

so let's get started so today we will

will we will be cracking power archiver

what at we need to install this first

let's install the software click next

next next and install

as you can see we have now installed the

power archiver now we will run it now we

will try to register this with wrong

information as we do not know the