Cutting Open a Glow Stick

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today we're gonna cut open a glow stick

I've seen a bunch of videos on people

going over what's in glow sticks and how

they're used but no one actually cuts

them open to look at what's inside so in

here and this plastic tubing the top

clear fluid should be hydrogen peroxide

we also have some store-bought hydrogen

peroxide that we're gonna put in this

cap just to show you how it works this

dye that's in here is mixed in dimethyl

phthalates which is slightly denser than

water and usually used in cosmetic

fragrances and things like that they

also put some sodium acetate in there

which is used in hand warmers and that's

just to make it glow brighter so you can

do other things like heat the mixture up

which I'm sure you've seen people do

where they microwave it to actually get

it to glow brighter the problem is is a