StackOn Elite Safe Keypad and Customer Service Issues

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okay so we are doing a follow up on the

stack-on elite safe had this for about

it's been over three years so it's at a

warranty it moved just fine when we

moved up from Texas to Michigan but the

issue is now is if the camera will focus

here is that half my buttons oh now

they're working isn't that interesting

so just the other day and of course I

started this video because I was

thinking about it when I was out here in

the in the garage but half my button

stopped working so basically the first

two rows the one through six would not

depress and the bottoms would I changed

the batteries nothing changed and to

open it up with a key luckily this has a

key backup on it otherwise I'd be

totally screwed

I contacted stack on probably a week ago

to the day and never heard back from