How to make a Key Generator KeyGen Tutorial

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hey guys poon Depot we're gonna be doing

a kitchen today this is the first video

of my kitchen series the kitchen or

program that we're gonna be doing is

called an ice nine this is what it looks

like here it's by triple Tuerto tools

we're going to be using we're gonna use

a little of IDA just as a static

disassembler I like the graph view kind

of helps me understand the program flow

and then we're gonna be using x32 debug

and PE ID so let's jump in so the first

thing we're gonna do is open up PE ID

and get an understanding of how this

program was made so if you drop this

program on PE ID it will show you what

its compiled with looks like it will

assembled rather this is Microsoft

assembly 32 and there's a plugin for PE

ID called the crypto a noise this

analyzes the cryptography signatures in