How To Open A Sentry Safe Three (3) Number Dial Combination Lock Model 1250

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I'm going to show you how to unlock your

sentry safe it's pretty easy it's a

three combination safe so you go to the

left right in there

so counterclockwise clockwise so let's

just say for example the combination is

10 20 and 30

so we don't put it here on 0 who's on

the store so you go 10

that's it 1 2 and you stop here on the

team then you go right or clockwise and

go past 20 twice this one you stop on it

a second time and then you go straight

to 30 you need to open so I'm gonna go

ahead and open my combination and put it

on 0 so we're gonna go left

- I stopped on the first number 1

stopped on the second number

then I'll go straight to the 30 safe

opens then closes tender combination