Crack a phone number with this pretext and learn how to make all your pretexts better.

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hyleri case shadow anyone calm so your

skip-tracing you're trying to find an

address on somebody you have a phone

number for them one of the things you

can do is you can call them up say hi

I'm doing genealogical research and I've

discovered a family with the same last

name as yours that settled in

Mississippi and the late 1800s and they

have some oil royalties coming to them

because they had some land improperly

claimed and if you're related you might

be entitled to some of those royalties

now this starts the conversation this

gets the person interested to see if

maybe they got some money coming to them

that type of thing do your homework do a

little bit of background to try to get

something that they may know a little

bit about their own family history it's

easy for you to find out genealogy so