How to Unlock ANY iPhone Without the Passcode

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as soon as you get to this screen click

the home button and yeah hey yo what's

good GG boy [ __ ] wolfy bro for girls

and my friend showed me a trick to do

with your iPhone that I need to share

with every single one of you guys right

now without knowing your passcode guess

what [ __ ] I can't today I'm gonna show

you guys how to hack into an iPhone

without the passcode why would you want

to do this let's say you don't trust

your boyfriend of your girlfriend you

want to see if they're texting some side

[ __ ] person perfect your

relationships probably not that great if

there's no trust but I guess hacking

into the phone could help your mind just

calm down a bit I don't [ __ ] know so

today I'm gonna test it out with my

girlfriend's iPhone because she has a

password this is the phone first of all