Yale Safe Combination Lock Gear Driven

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good morning this is a photo or a video

I wanted to make about a Yale lock and

come off a combination or it come off a

safe and bought it on eBay and the guy

that had got off of he'd done a super

nice job mounting it on plexiglass and

he used this all rod he can probably see

right there for lamps for the spacing

there's two pieces of Plexiglas one that

the doll ring is mounted on and then the

other one is the back of it and he was

nice enough to put the combination on

the back so you didn't have to remember

it but I initially bought it want to do

safe manipulation I had done some and

wanted to advance my knowledge a little

bit and when I got to CL lock I took the

back off to find a contact points and

the contact points were quite a bit

different than what the book that I had

said they should be so we put it back